Case Study: Offshore Coalition

Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) is an alliance of the wind industry with non-governmental organizations and transmission system operators with the aim of cooperating on the sustainable use of offshore wind energy while ensuring harmony with nature conservation and healthy marine ecosystems.

​The solution

Abstract-Technology supported the Team as a technical consultant and service provider. With our decade of experience in working with the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) Plone, we delivered a fully customized, modern, flexible, and easy to use platform.

​The benefit

It is a cost-effective solution which allows portability and has backing support from the global active community as well as high security standards.

Our deliverables in this project

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have the potential to significantly impact the future of learning, as they offer immersive and interactive experiences that can enhance traditional educational methods. 

We wanted to know, how AR and VR could impact the future of learning:

  • Offshore practices Database sorted by different criteria
  • A media database
    • Working Group Area:The Coalition is organized into three topical working groups:
    • Data for planning offshore wind development
    • Marine Spatial Planning
    • Impacts of infrastructure on marine ecosystems and stakeholder engagement
  • Impacts of infrastructure on marine ecosystems and stakeholder engagement
  • A protected members-area entails information related to the work of the OCEaN’s working groups: documents and files related to previous work, as well as ongoing activities

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