A web-based e-learning software consisting of authoring tool and learning management system.​ Authors can build online courses easily and quickly. The ideal tool for synchronous and​ asynchronous online learning thanks to theintegration with the conferencing tool. 

The solution

The benefit

We have implemented together with FithBeat the Learn Management System (LMS) Open edX® platform and integrated the web conference solutions Zoom and BigBlueButton. Live webinars, interactive online exercises with a variety of documents as well as exciting forum discussions lead to an unique learning experience.

The platform facilitates a nationwide and location-independent exchange of information for users from the educational elite in Italy.

After almost thirty years of editorial experience, Limes, the Italian geopolitical magazine, has decided to build own online learning content based on the knowledge and experience gained over the past years.The courses "Le chiavi del mondo" (The keys to the world), which run over 20 weeks and are divided into two quarters, include over 124 hours of live webinars, learning sequences, exercises and exciting experience reports from protagonists.The offering is primarily designed for young graduates, but also for managers and executive personnel from the public or private sector who deal daily with geopolitical issues. The objective is to help understanding and analyzing the conflicts and competitions between states, political and economic actors on a global level by using the common tools of geopolitics.

While providing our clients with the proper technology, we also helped them in course and content creation with our strong expertise in instructional design. On the 9th of April 2021, the e-learning platform "La Scuola di Limes" (in Italian) was launched. After the successful go-live, we are now responsible for the ongoing technical support of the learning platform and look forward to continue assisting and advising the team and the project.