Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference 2024

Europe's leading workplace learning event in London, UK.

Learning Technologies is Europe's leading exhibition for corporate learning and the technology used to support lifelong learning in the workplace. At LT24UK, over 200 international exhibitors showcased the latest technologies, learning solutions, practical features, innovations and best practices. Abstract Technology attended this global gathering to represent the Open edX project and community.

Our CEO Stefania Trabucchi attended LT24UK in London and summarises her key takeaways from this great event where innovation meets expertise and the future of learning unfolds:


  • L&D's quest for AI tools: Learning and development professionals are actively seeking tools to navigate the world of AI.
  • Exhibitors embrace AI solutions: Exhibitors are showcasing products and services geared towards AI integration to meet growing demand.
  • Investor interest in AI: Investors are keen to understand the potential of AI investments and are considering whether now is the right time or whether patience is warranted for future advances.
  • Decision-makers' dilemma: Decision-makers are grappling with the uncertainty surrounding AI investments and considering whether to proceed or defer decisions to a later date.

Reflecting on the event, it's clear that many exhibitors, particularly those offering Learning Management Systems (LMS), are venturing into the AI landscape. Excitingly, a new wave of companies is emerging to provide AI-powered content creation solutions. These solutions cover the entire content creation process, from storyboarding to multimedia production, and deliver results of unprecedented quality.

As we move deeper into AI-driven learning, it's important to keep a critical eye on the quality of AI-generated content. While AI streamlines content creation, it gets more and more significant to ensure that it enhances the learning experience rather than compromising it.

One lacking aspect was the focus on learner performance support. Solutions that use AI to motivate and engage learners in their learning journey were conspicuously underrepresented.


We are delighted that Open edX had its own stand for the first time at Europe's leading conference for workplace learning, and that we were able to represent the Open edX project and its community as Europe's leading service provider for the robust and highly scalable Open Source Learning Management System (LMS). 


The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees looking for alternatives to Moodle confirms that Open edX is on the right track as a secure, open source and scalable LMS solution that is tailored for large projects, but also works for small and medium-sized learning projects.

Overall, the Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of education technology (edTech), underscoring the central role of artificial intelligence (AI) and the enduring appeal of Open edX in driving innovation and transformation in the digital education sector.

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