The Open edX® platform In-Video Quiz XBlock

Open edX® platform In-Video Quiz XBlock

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With the In-Video quiz XBlock you can not only increase the probability of active viewing but also the engagement as well as the resulting learning success of each learner.

  • How do In-Video quizzes work?

In-video quizzes allow you to embed each problem type available in the Open edX platform seamlessly into a video at any point. Course authors can easily add custom questions via the authoring tool Open edX Studio. 

Benefits of implementing the In-Video Quiz XBlock in your Open edX® platform

The implementation of the In-Video Quiz XBlock may have advantages:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Improving the learning experience
  • Enhancing the learning success ad the performance
  • Extending the attention span in long videos
  • Fostering the comprehension of the new learned information
  • Measuring learner performance as well as interest and understanding

Key features: 

  • Streamlined creation workflow for authors
  • User-friendly navigation for learners
  • Unlimited number of questions per video
  • Unrestricted choice of Open edX® problem types
  • Only applicable with the Open edX® platform
  • Analytics

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