Promote vocational training for young people - ITONBOARD project

 On December 14th, we joined the Open edX community in a virtual event to farewell 2021 and present the EU project ITONBOARD

Promote vocational training for young people - ITONBOARD project

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As an active member of the Virtual Event Committee, it is great to see the Open edX® community's virtual events being so well received and popular. Furthermore, it is a constant feeling of honor for us to be a part of this unique and great community, sharing our knowledge and experience with other service providers and exchanging ideas about current trends and developments in the online learning sector.

The Agenda

Ed Zarecor, Vice President of Engineering, opened the event with the latest updates to the Open edX® project and the about the 2U acquisition as well as the future direction of the Open edX® platform under the formation of the new nonprofit.

Afterwards an array of community speakers presented further updates regarding the latest Open edX software release, Maple, and some of the latest trends in instructional design and course development:

In addition to the talks, there was plenty of time for unstructured networking and interesting birds of feather sessions.

You are curious about all the presentations and news of the last Open edX® community event?

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You want to know all about our talk?

We did not only participate in the event but also performed a talk sharing our experience in designing and implementing the vocational orientation program ITONBOARD for young students using the Open edX platform. This holistic program introduces young students in the age of 14 to 18 years to IT career orientation possibilities, with a focus on open source software communities.

Get the slides here: Presentation Slides

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