Our participation in the Open edX Community

 Abstract Technology is part of various working groups of the Open edX community and actively contributes to new developments, changes and improvements

Our participation in the Open edX Community

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The Open edX® Marketing Working Group

The Open edX® Marketing Working Group is composed of various Open edX® community members and Open edX Marketplace Providers, who collaborate on national and international marketing goals, digital marketing campaigns, website optimization, SEO, blog content, events, and many other marketing initiatives, to increase the global visibility of the Open edX platform.

We started this group and together with a member of the Center for Reimagining Learning (tCril) we are the leader of the group as well as the moderator of the bi-weekly meetings.

Learn more about the Marketing Working Group and how you can become part of it! 

Our partnership with the Open edX® community started in 2015. A team of our developers evaluated the open source software, its code and its features and found it promising. The Open edX® software is an open-source learning management system that is used across the globe to create and offer online learning courses and programs. The Open edX® platform serves not only the training needs of small and medium scale companies but also of universities, schools and international enterprises.

We were immediately enthusiastic and convinced of the potential of the software solution and decided to actively contribute to the development.

Our Contribution

A lot of time has passed since our first contact with the software solution until today. We are working with the Open edX® platform for 7 years now and have become one of the project's verified service provider. 

But that's not all! Over the past years, we have actively contributed to new developments and optimizations of the platform as well as marketing strategies through our participation in the Open edX® community.

The Open edX® Translation Working Group

The Open edX® Translation Working Group focuses on the reviews of translations within the edx-platform project in the Open edX® website, and the newly added documentation website.

The Translation Working Group contributes to the success of obtaining high quality translations, while promoting a fully collaborative environment, and will scale to additional languages over time. The members of the Group help in producing content translations, through detailed revisions and assist in producing a more robust global product, while functioning as curators for new content.

We are an active member of this group and are focused on optimizing translations and review translations for the following languages:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish​

Learn more about the Translation Working Group and how you can become part of it 

The Open edX<sup>® Virtual Event Planning Committee

The Open edX® Virtual Event Planning Committee helps the tCril team to plan, organize and execute regular virtual events, such as the monthly Open edX® Meetups and other virtual community events.

This working group was created due to the worldwide pandemic, whose social contact restrictions made in-person events temporarily impossible. The initial task of the working group was to digitize the annual Open edX® conference and host it as a virtual event - which was a great success.

Besides the virtual meetups and events, the group also supports the planning and organization of the annual in-person Open edX® conferences.

We started this group together with tCril and Aulasneo and meet almost weekly with the team in order to plan the monthly meetups and other community events.

Maintenance of the Open edX® In-Video Quiz XBlock

Since September 2021, we are responsible for maintaining and updating as well as further developing of the highly interactive In-Video Quiz XBlock. 

In-video quizzes allow you to seamlessly incorporate any type of question available on the Open edX® platform into a video at any point. Course creators can easily add tasks and questions using the Open edX® Studio authoring tool.

Learn more about the XBlock and how you can use it 


Our participation in the individual working groups and the years of work with the platform have made us a highly experienced and Europe-wide leading service provider to date. A fact that fills us with pride. The satisfaction of our customers is an endorsement not only for us, but for the community’s value. We are glad that we have until now been able to find an individual solution for each request based on one of the most flexible software solutions so far: the Open edX® platform.

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