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TechnoVET contributes to innovation in vocational education and training addressing digital skills and competencies, continuous training for teachers and trainers, open and distance learning.

The challenges of this century — globalization, economic and climate crises, the pandemic situation — have led us and our partners to think about the changes that occurred in three different areas:

  • Technology
  • Soft Skills
  • Administrative Organization
  • People affected by these changes — such as students, teachers, trainers, and staff — need concrete solutions and strategies to adapt the learning formats and processes of vocational training.


  1. We want to advance digitalization in the field of vocational training and improve as well as disseminate the guiding idea of digitalization in vocational training.
  2. The project responds specifically to the changes caused by the pandemic in the three domains of technology, interpersonal skills and administrative organization with concrete solutions. The solutions refer to how the transformation of learning operations into digital learning formats can take place sustainably.
  3. As a result we will provide guidance to stakeholders on education and vocational training in the field of digitization by exchanging experiences from various European countries. By counteracting the deficits with concrete solutions in the field of technical implementation we want to enrich the current state of technology.


Together with the consortium of the project we will develop the following tools to meet the aforementioned project objectives:

  1. A report on the results of the survey and an integrated inventory therein of how the different actors in education have used technology in recent years and which technology has been most useful. The report is intended to serve as a guide for stakeholders on digitization in VET.
  2. Elaboration of solutions that meet the needs of the surveys and, in the course of this, preparation of a report as a guide for the application of technical tools to improve the digitization of learning content.
  3. Design preparatory training courses for students and teachers that respond to the needs of the surveys, to prepare and train for digitization in the VET areas.
  4. Development of green solutions and practices for the administrative area for FP. A report will be written to serve as a guide for the application of administrative tools to improve the digitization of materials, audits, attendance, records, etc.
  5. Establishment of an open source tool which, on the one hand, will host the results of outcome 1. On the other hand, it will be possible here to exchange courses, reports and documents related to planning and training management as an open source community.




As a leading European online learning expert and verified Open edX® platform provider, we joined the project in order to develop an online learning platform and to support the development and launch of soft skill training courses.

The to be developed courses and materials have the objective to prepare a specific target audience for digitalization in the vocational and education training area. We as an experienced service provider in the field of digital learning in both, educational and corporate training, will support the consortium in the conception, creation and launch of the online courses.

For the creation, management and launch of the outlined MOOCs, we will develop a web-based and open source course and learning management system (LMS) called Open edX® platform. This platform allows everybody to access, through registration, the course content and materials, as well as discussion forums and other collaborative formats.

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