Wolf-Schneider-KI (WSKI)

Wolf-Schneider-KI (WSKI) 

Artificial Intelligence to support journalists' writing

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Since 2018 the Reporterfabrik fosters the professional training of journalists and the general public through an own online learning platform to improve their use of new digital possibilities of research, storytelling and publishing. We set up an LMS based on Open edX® platform to enable them to offer their professional knowledge and expertise within online courses to their target audience. In spring 2019, the Reporterfabrik was supplemented by the „Bürgerakademie for Media Competence“ as a sister project, which is more targeted towards the educational interests of citizens.

Over the past few years, this unique digital learning platform has created over 250 courses, attracting a large number of users and course enrollments. The platform covers a wide range of topics related to journalism, including trending technologies, innovative approaches to enhance storytelling and audience engagement, as well as ethical considerations in journalism.

Embarking on an exciting venture, the Abstract-Technology team is thrilled to champion their latest project as the go-to technical partner. In the dynamic landscape of today, where Artificial Intelligence is stealing the spotlight across various domains, the Reporterfabrik Akademie stands at the forefront with a groundbreaking creation. Introducing 'Wolf Schneider AI (WSKI),' a cutting-edge AI-tool meticulously designed to elevate written content. This AI marvel not only fine-tunes and optimizes texts for enhanced reader engagement but also serves up invaluable suggestions for a more compelling narrative. Tailored specifically for journalists, WSKI is a game-changer set to redefine storytelling. 

The best about it: It's not exclusive – this innovation is accessible to all, inviting you to explore the future of impactful communication through our online learning platform: https://akademie.reporterfabrik.org/. Unleash the power of words with WSKI and transform your storytelling skills.

What is the tool about? 

The main goal is to teach and transmit rules for good writing by Wolf Schneider, a journalist and linguistic style expert who unfortunately passed away in 2022. 

The tool does not take over the writing and creation of a text, but it supports authors in checking and gives suggestions for optimizing reader-friendliness, phrasing and typos. The following image showcases how the tool  looks and works.

Wolf Schneider AI tool

On the left the simple input mask, on the right the field in which suggestions and corrections will be displayed.

The AI tool is able to differentiate between different text types. Currently, the following text types can be selected: 

  • Plain text without specifications

  • Text messages
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Reports
  • Essays
  • School essays
  • E-mails
  • Newsletters
  • Cover letters
  • Speeches

How does the tool work? 

Wolf Schneider AI tool
​On the left the original text, on the right the tools’ suggestion.

After an original text has been entered in the left input field, a version of the text optimized according to Wolf Schneider's writing rules appears on the right side of the tool after a few seconds. By clicking on a sentence, further formulation alternatives appear, which can be selected by the user. In addition, when clicking on the info button, the tool gives very concrete hints for the formulation of sentences.
These are the formulation alternatives suggested by the tool
Wolf Schneider AI toolVia the info button a user gets hints for the formulation of sentences

Further, the tool provides upon request an analysis of the original text. This way, users receive feedback on what was already good in the text and where improvements can be made.
Wolf Schneider AI tool
On the left the original text and on the right the feedback/result of the analysis


Thrilled to be the steadfast technical partner of the Reporterfabrik’s digital learning platform, we take immense pride in our enduring collaboration. Over the years, we've been an integral part of the Reporterfabrik's journey, witnessing and contributing to the continuous growth, evolution, and innovative strides of their project, learning offerings, and technology solutions.

As the gears of progress turn, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Reporterfabrik Akademie, providing unwavering support and maintenance services that have been the backbone of their success story. 

Together, we look forward to ushering in a new era of enriched learning experiences and cutting-edge technology solutions. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the Reporterfabrik's achievements and the promising future that lies ahead with the imminent launch of WSKI on their learning platform. Your success is our success, and we're proud to be the driving force behind the Reporterfabrik's technological skills.  

You also want to start your own and individual online learning project and are looking for a strong technical partner, who supports you in an advisory and energetic as well as reliable way?